Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tolerance and People

"To forgive is divine, to forget....impossible"

After 2 and a half years living in Chicago, I have seen people from all walks of life (well don't really care for the uber rich). There are people I wouldn't mind hanging out with and there are people that I would absolutely avoid.

Coming to Madison, I have made a stupid decision to look for an apartment late...well there are always lesson to be learned from tardiness. So I ended up in an awesome place (comes with a price), but unfortunately I have been paired up with one of those people that I would never even dreamed of living with.

I have always been a passive person (in terms of avoiding conflict), and this time I have to deal with all sorts of annoyance. I am a patient person, and I've come to learn that. Dealing with people is not my forte, I can only endure and bitch (which I should really stop doing). However, it is not like I did nothing, I tried my best talking to him and although I successfully abated the situation, the little nuances continue to irritate me. I often wonder if these things are just purely testing my tolerance or do I actually have to do something?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lost? Am I?

The road to Spring Formal wasn't anything close to excitement but I ended up going anyway, picking up a couple of misunderstandings along the way. Of course, it's not what I wanted to do but heck things always never turn out in my favor.

At least the food was much better and I wish the venue was a tad bigger. Of course the dance floor. There was barely any breathing space and many of us had to cram or resolve to dancing by the sidelines.

It was overall a pretty fun experience except that I left with a tad of disappointment lingering in my still empty [insert organ]. Hopefully nothing changes after this Formal as it was all in the name of fun.

One comment though, these days guys can only grind. You can hardly see any real dancing any more, or is it just a club-culture we have so developed. Maybe I just want attention =p

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Power to the people?

Recently, actually last Friday our dear ex-Prime Minister Pak Lah decided to step down from his position. This came as a shock to some of my friends while I was thinking "Finally?!". Obviously, because he didnt do much during his years as the PM and very well received tons of criticism. So, once again Malaysia outclasses itself by electing a murderer as our next PM well you-know-who right? I dont know which idiot prophesied R A H M A N as the sequence how our country's PM's were going to be lected but I think it's freaking retarded. Well it came true but at what cost? It was pretty awesome until M. So, who's gonna spell out the next sequence for our PMs-to-come? Or what is it? Ha!

Oh well, being a pure newbie or an ignorant fool of my country's politic...I'm not one to say anything. But I totally agree on the results of the elections held this and last year were the 'rakyat' begin to show what we are made of. I didnt vote (booo) but I'm sure the BNs will be more conscious on what they are doing. Vote them out if they do a shit job I say. If anyone care to update me on the situation now it would be awesome as I have noticed there are plenty of outrage going on in the web.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Past past past

I seemed that i still cant get rid of my old self...ugh...this is getting hard...maybe I have too much elemental mercury in my brain =p...oh observation..I have been rather repetitive with my comments especially positive one: take care, good luck...and cliche...maybe I need to increase my vocabulary >.<

This Spring break is going to be a boring one....actually not really..just void of people that I usually hang out with..otherwise i would say it's the same...with more catching up to was the first time I ran to the lake then subsequently to Adler was awesome..the Azure sky was almost like a calling to me!! My only regret is that I didnt bring my SLR...going to next time!! Well there was a couple making out...definitely NSFW...with all the kids and all...gosh! (maybe I'm just jealous =p)

Otherwise today is just studying!! Again didn't get much done..but something is always better than nothing..rite?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cornell, The time when Sam becomes a bum

Hi folks!!

Last Thursday saw the beginning of a painful interview weekend at Cornell for me. It was not much..I just didn't sleep last Wednesday night due to my dumb dumb flight time of 6 am....while waiting I chatted with a guy from Guatemala...haha....well I slept through most of my uneventful flight until Philly..where i noticed a bitch..i just chose to call her that =p

The plane to Itaca was the smallest i've ever flew in my had propellers!! OMFG...i was scared shit..well i slept through it eventually...and omg Ithaca was gorgeous..that night we had dinner and there was this applicant who had DNA tattooed all over his was cool..but you know....I dont know if I can do that...

As usual they assigned me a roommate from China -.- so the next night I too experienced how Chinamen sleep in their undies...oh well...he's another married man lol...why are these people married so early? Oh wait he's...28.....Ok skipping through all that boring crap!! We then had dinner at Cornell's president's house!! How cool is that! It was like a catered private party with an acapella group singing as a finale! Woot! Way to lure in graduate students...After dinner we went drinking (as usual) to a local pub....then this graduate student brought us into a club full of ABCs....boy it was weird..and oh I met a Malaysian girl during the interview too...well she was brought up in the doesnt count =p

And then come Sunday...when it was tres fucking foggy...and damn plane was delayed..til monday...thinking that I could put up a night in the airport..I proceed with doing my shit for the day this guy came up and told me i need to leave cause of "security" reasons...he told me there was no staff so they dont let anyone stay overnight...and here i thought i could have the airport all by myself...pssh...and so....i went out with my luggage out in the middle of the night...with the rain...this is the culmination of my trip! The day I wore a bum's shoes..for 4 fucking hours!!! First i tried sleeping by the door step...I was paranoid with the wind blowing and all...and it also got colder..I gave up...then I picked up my laptop and watched some Balls of Steel for an hour till my battery died (Thanks Yar Ling!) It rained harder (gotta love mother nature) what the hell can I do? I pulled out my trusty poddy and started dancing....for like 1 and a half hour till my legs are sore and my eyes are droopy....1 hour to go! I was bored....and then I saw the dude in the airport! What a dick.....oh well....I then decided to pull out my Canon and started shooting....after sometime..I saw some strange creature grazing...they were 3 deers!! Aww how cute..I flashed at them (with my camera) and they hop hop hop away...i guess I was lucky that there wasn't a male in the group or else he would have stick his antlers into where the sun don't shine!! =p ....the clock hit 4 am and there i go back in the airport!!! Yippie!! This is the story of how i became a bum...for 4 hours...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's amazing how small things in live can make or break a day. In a relatively boring class tonight, I came to realize two things. No1 just because something is tasty and harmless doesn't mean you should just shove in down your mouth. So I was falling asleep in the class, and I decided to buy a bar of Starburst!! Wee...Come my third candy I decided to just chew the shit out of it...and whaddaya got stuck in between by bad tooth and it hurt like *^)(__&^%^$#%$#@% for like 20 come my second realization..LOVE is like eating is sweet, very sweet at first, and can be f*cking painful later on when not treated carefully....

Oh yeah...the class became interesting when my prof was talking about the low reproduction due to stress...

"Nowadays people are having many infidelity problems" (when she meant infertility)...of course I had to control myself laughing...but I have to say I agree with both statements (not that I have any of those problems *wink*)

In another story, I've heard of weird things done in the shower (smoking wtf?)...but to actually witness it's overwhelming experience..some guy apparently due to love of fruits (no punani)....ate oranges and apples in the shower stalls...I can tolerate orange peels....but he actually left 1/8 of an apple to rot..wthell is wrong with these people...hmmm maybe they didnt eat it...they might have been doing "something else" with it...(go figure)...=p

Sunday, February 22, 2009


First of all....yay!!! I've got in to the Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD Program in UW-Madison!! (phew) It took a huuuuuuuugeeee load of my mind which means my shoulders too. Glad all my half-assed work did something for me. Now I have to go full-throttle into getting my freaking doctorate.

On Valentine's day, (fortunate or unfortunate-ly) I went to MSU in East Lansing to have my interview for the PhD program there. It was tiring and stressful as usual...well only because I take things seriously ^^ .....I thought I had gave the professors a good impression although I hope they do not suspect me getting drunk and spilling wine on the floor =p......oh well what's done is use crying over spilled wine right?

Waltzing through the interviews finally come Saturday night. My buddy Pat asked me if I had a date, and I replied umm I'm here...and he said so? I grinned and said We'll see. In the end, I hung out with a bunch of applicants and graduate students haha over dinner. While I did not exactly "celebrate" Valentine's Day, I had a nice if not slightly overcook steak plus 3 glasses of gourmet beer *teehee*...played pool w/ some really skillful girls (Heidi + Natasha) and lost (miserably).

While it was an awesome experience, I would have preferred celebrating the day as it is meant to be celebrated (w/ friends and family of course!! =p). So yesterday Todd and I got together for the first time and played pool and talked about girls. Ah~~ how ironic. We drew he won 2 and I won 2 lol.......these talks are priceless...

Then went back to have Neoguri + Jever + Slumdog Millionaire...Slumdog is such a good movie. While it was criticized to be portraying all the bad in Mumbai, I thought it was reasonable as most of the movies in this genre are pretty similar if not worse. In the midst of industrialization and prosperity from the outset was social problems and poverty. Whilst in the end, love, brotherhood, and friendship prevails, (typical typical), it was a nice roller-coaster ride to where Jamal won his 20 mil ruppies. The ending was very impactful, the way his brother Salim bathe himself in money and shot his boss before dying in gunshots. I love how Boyle intertwined the life story of Jamal with each question on the show, each baby step telling us his life experience and how those small, insignificant moments brought him to the pedestal the "million dollar" question. And of course, underlies all these brutality, stupidity, emotions, is a girl. The whole "mess" started because he wanted to find Latika!! Oh well she was hot and the last sentence of the movie "Kiss me" was so awesome in its own way. Finally, the bollywood dance made me chuckle a little. Haha...back to writing my paper...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes when we touch

I still can't believe this girl make me revisit my past...The deleted post. Never knew I would rewrite something I have deleted. Anyways so here we go Cryssie this is for you!

If lamenting can help us solve anything I will be sitting in my room whole day. Change in life is inevitable. What would happen to us if our lives just stays the same? No bumpy ride...all sugar and roses...that's why some people go crazy...

After all if we do not change, how can we grow up? Pain, sadness, frustration, meeting, parting, and the thing that hurts the most, breaking up will always be with us no matter where and when.

While there is always a little part part deep inside us, afraid, terrified of what may is very important to embrace the change, and go with the flow....the less resistance you give...the easier your live will be...I know it's a cliche but sometimes having the courage to give up is very important.

Plus you are never alone when the change comes. Family, good friends...will always be right there for you...that I'm sure. Don't you think they will get angry if you say that you will be alone? In the end, no one call tell you to do anything but yourself and we all know that. Most importantly be honest and fair to yourself...don't beat up yourself too much....being masochistic has its limits =p...Anyways just keep looking for the silver lining okay!! ^^

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Every little thing

I like to talk to people..that's the kind of person I am...whenever I'm free or always seemed to me like it is nothing but people to people relationship are really complicated...their opinions of you and you of them...and as we get to know more of each other..we give them judgment...then gradually the way we talk to them began to shape..we either reject or accept a least that is how I juggle my is hard to accept the personality of a person once you rejected subconsciously.....

And these are all the little things that make a relationship on between two people....deciding whether you are close or not...things that tickles your heart when someone is mention or thought of...things that get you excited...things that hurts you...but the most annoying one i have to say are the indescribable feeling that pinches your does not hurt nor project any certain just plainly irritates you...yeah sometimes you get that with some people..and it causes all sorts of trouble...guys if any of you out there have this feeling pour it out!!! Or else this chronic illness is going to ruin your health! =p

Winter Break Part III

And you thought part II was the end.....nah this whole winter break was full of surprises and fun fun fun!!!! Day 3! And here Mr.James we woke up....umm lemme see....we then left for Shin usual Tae's mom makes delicious galbi for me!! *touched*
Dear Tae had to go take an exam about sex (WTF??!!) me and James who felt sick went to get some food..aww James looking dreamy

And this is the goodness we had for umm...lunch?

It was short to say mashita!!! (delicious in korean) anyways we then went to walk around...and i went to get a haircut while James (who was bored) went to PC bang (cybercafe) to umm buy calling card??!! So satisfied with my new look..we went to meet MinSu...hohoho kinda randomly in Yonsei University where most of my Korean friends go!! (it's 2nd in Korea and the best private institution mind you) is three of us camwhoring lol...

We wandered around this magnificent campus which made me wanna study there *sob sob*...and talk about good ol' he had to go meet his junior or gf *wink* so me and James waited for Tae to finish writing about his ecchi-ness...yeah we waited in fron of the and tae here:

Three of us guys went to walk around the area and somehow ended up in E-hwa University (an all girls' school mind you)...coz Tae wanted to go ^^ they build a valley at the entrance and it was pretty breathtaking I would say...i guess i was too amazed by the structure than to concern myself with the girls *ahem* so i didnt notice any...*omigosh* let you guys have a feel of the *valley* dont think dirty please hahahaha

Awesome right? Although not as much as the person in the picture =p...and there was a romantic path on our way down (why aren't you here?) we camwhored a bit

So romantic right? Hehe so...we got hungry like really selfish as I was I wanted shabu2!!!
As usual with 2 DSLRS what can we do but take pictures while waiting?
The classic pose!!

Of course we all act silly!!

And last but not least the cook! While we enjoy eating....

While all the winter break entries are and will be mindless recalls of my serves a purpose as to how my trip went, who i saw, besides making people jealous *evil grin*...I personally am not satisfied with this lackluster emotions involved gah!! Anyways....shout out to ma korean buddies!! ^^

Sunday, February 1, 2009

American Stereotyping

To err is human and I have plenty of faults. If one of them being studying harder than the average lazy-ass American then screw you! Do not get me wrong I do not hate America, I love fact God bless America and f#$k the rest of the world. But it always bugged me the way Americans love to categorize people in types.

While it is the land of opportunities where gold is unlimited if you are capable to find them, it is also the land of bullshit. Now tell me how am I nerdy seeing that I study and get good grades? Isn't it given that you go to college to study? So are you lazy? Or are you envious? These people should get a life and stop having a complex for themselves.

While you are pointing, giving nicknames to people better than you, "we" the NERDS, GEEKS etc are happy with our lives. So get off out back and go back to your miserable reality. One advice, the sooner you face your own stupidity the faster you can cure it. Oh, wait stupidity has no here I am contradicting myself again..done raging goodnight

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Break Part II

Dental hygiene is one of the most important things that we need to take care of. Few days ago I had to get my teeth washed and the ordeal was awful. I had 2 of my teeth filled too..I'm now afraid of the drill =p hahahaha

Back to Korea..the second day...we went to Insa Dong to look at traditional stuff but people told me it's only a tourist spot...well it's not really traditional, it sold stuff, cute ones and that's about expected Tae with his new SLR, we took a pictures ^^ But first!! We had to have some dinner hehehe

We had bim bim bap fer dinner

This is Tae mixing it

And the end product!

We had our fill and off we go!

Us taking our own reflection apparently through a creative art ^^"

We went onto the roof and tae got emo hehe

Then under the bridge

Subsequently got some late nite snacks (dried seafood!)

That's about it for day two in Korea *wink*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Break Part I

The first drop of snow in Mid-December symbolized a whole month or more of rest for the hardworking students of IIT. It meant so much to me, it was a joyous occasion as finally a semester of bitterness ended and my holiday begins.

I feel so good now..shedding all my bad memories and hateful emotions wrapped around my distorted mind. Inevitably, there was a tingling of sadness as friends whom I had got acquainted with left for good. Knowing that I will be returning to one last semester of knowledge seeking in IIT, I left for South Korea with a HUGE sigh of relief.

My first time flying 14 hours straight after two years was with Korea Air was awesome...would have been better if there wasn't two obese Canadians sitting beside me, I mean I would have more space and more freedom to you know..answer nature's call. I am now officially biased towards United Airlines >.<

Upon landinf, I was greeted by Tae Hoon!! Spotting a White Sox cap and padded jacket, he barely changed. In the hour long ride, we talked about all sorts of things (also bitched about Calvin and James).

Before retiring in his mansion, we dropped by a sang-gyub-sal restaurant for dinner!
It was sliced pork dipped in a special (soy) sauce and then grilled to juicy perfection. We then wrapped in around different types of vegetables (usually lettuce) with rice and different types of spices and eaten with one big mouthful. MMm..yummy...of course the dinner would not have been perfect without....a bottle of Soju!

With our tummies full, we head back for some starcraft after a year. Thats all for now, part II will come sooner than expected ^^