Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lost? Am I?

The road to Spring Formal wasn't anything close to excitement but I ended up going anyway, picking up a couple of misunderstandings along the way. Of course, it's not what I wanted to do but heck things always never turn out in my favor.

At least the food was much better and I wish the venue was a tad bigger. Of course the dance floor. There was barely any breathing space and many of us had to cram or resolve to dancing by the sidelines.

It was overall a pretty fun experience except that I left with a tad of disappointment lingering in my still empty [insert organ]. Hopefully nothing changes after this Formal as it was all in the name of fun.

One comment though, these days guys can only grind. You can hardly see any real dancing any more, or is it just a club-culture we have so developed. Maybe I just want attention =p

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Power to the people?

Recently, actually last Friday our dear ex-Prime Minister Pak Lah decided to step down from his position. This came as a shock to some of my friends while I was thinking "Finally?!". Obviously, because he didnt do much during his years as the PM and very well received tons of criticism. So, once again Malaysia outclasses itself by electing a murderer as our next PM well you-know-who right? I dont know which idiot prophesied R A H M A N as the sequence how our country's PM's were going to be lected but I think it's freaking retarded. Well it came true but at what cost? It was pretty awesome until M. So, who's gonna spell out the next sequence for our PMs-to-come? Or what is it? Ha!

Oh well, being a pure newbie or an ignorant fool of my country's politic...I'm not one to say anything. But I totally agree on the results of the elections held this and last year were the 'rakyat' begin to show what we are made of. I didnt vote (booo) but I'm sure the BNs will be more conscious on what they are doing. Vote them out if they do a shit job I say. If anyone care to update me on the situation now it would be awesome as I have noticed there are plenty of outrage going on in the web.