Sunday, March 15, 2009

Past past past

I seemed that i still cant get rid of my old self...ugh...this is getting hard...maybe I have too much elemental mercury in my brain =p...oh observation..I have been rather repetitive with my comments especially positive one: take care, good luck...and cliche...maybe I need to increase my vocabulary >.<

This Spring break is going to be a boring one....actually not really..just void of people that I usually hang out with..otherwise i would say it's the same...with more catching up to was the first time I ran to the lake then subsequently to Adler was awesome..the Azure sky was almost like a calling to me!! My only regret is that I didnt bring my SLR...going to next time!! Well there was a couple making out...definitely NSFW...with all the kids and all...gosh! (maybe I'm just jealous =p)

Otherwise today is just studying!! Again didn't get much done..but something is always better than nothing..rite?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cornell, The time when Sam becomes a bum

Hi folks!!

Last Thursday saw the beginning of a painful interview weekend at Cornell for me. It was not much..I just didn't sleep last Wednesday night due to my dumb dumb flight time of 6 am....while waiting I chatted with a guy from Guatemala...haha....well I slept through most of my uneventful flight until Philly..where i noticed a bitch..i just chose to call her that =p

The plane to Itaca was the smallest i've ever flew in my had propellers!! OMFG...i was scared shit..well i slept through it eventually...and omg Ithaca was gorgeous..that night we had dinner and there was this applicant who had DNA tattooed all over his was cool..but you know....I dont know if I can do that...

As usual they assigned me a roommate from China -.- so the next night I too experienced how Chinamen sleep in their undies...oh well...he's another married man lol...why are these people married so early? Oh wait he's...28.....Ok skipping through all that boring crap!! We then had dinner at Cornell's president's house!! How cool is that! It was like a catered private party with an acapella group singing as a finale! Woot! Way to lure in graduate students...After dinner we went drinking (as usual) to a local pub....then this graduate student brought us into a club full of ABCs....boy it was weird..and oh I met a Malaysian girl during the interview too...well she was brought up in the doesnt count =p

And then come Sunday...when it was tres fucking foggy...and damn plane was delayed..til monday...thinking that I could put up a night in the airport..I proceed with doing my shit for the day this guy came up and told me i need to leave cause of "security" reasons...he told me there was no staff so they dont let anyone stay overnight...and here i thought i could have the airport all by myself...pssh...and so....i went out with my luggage out in the middle of the night...with the rain...this is the culmination of my trip! The day I wore a bum's shoes..for 4 fucking hours!!! First i tried sleeping by the door step...I was paranoid with the wind blowing and all...and it also got colder..I gave up...then I picked up my laptop and watched some Balls of Steel for an hour till my battery died (Thanks Yar Ling!) It rained harder (gotta love mother nature) what the hell can I do? I pulled out my trusty poddy and started dancing....for like 1 and a half hour till my legs are sore and my eyes are droopy....1 hour to go! I was bored....and then I saw the dude in the airport! What a dick.....oh well....I then decided to pull out my Canon and started shooting....after sometime..I saw some strange creature grazing...they were 3 deers!! Aww how cute..I flashed at them (with my camera) and they hop hop hop away...i guess I was lucky that there wasn't a male in the group or else he would have stick his antlers into where the sun don't shine!! =p ....the clock hit 4 am and there i go back in the airport!!! Yippie!! This is the story of how i became a bum...for 4 hours...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's amazing how small things in live can make or break a day. In a relatively boring class tonight, I came to realize two things. No1 just because something is tasty and harmless doesn't mean you should just shove in down your mouth. So I was falling asleep in the class, and I decided to buy a bar of Starburst!! Wee...Come my third candy I decided to just chew the shit out of it...and whaddaya got stuck in between by bad tooth and it hurt like *^)(__&^%^$#%$#@% for like 20 come my second realization..LOVE is like eating is sweet, very sweet at first, and can be f*cking painful later on when not treated carefully....

Oh yeah...the class became interesting when my prof was talking about the low reproduction due to stress...

"Nowadays people are having many infidelity problems" (when she meant infertility)...of course I had to control myself laughing...but I have to say I agree with both statements (not that I have any of those problems *wink*)

In another story, I've heard of weird things done in the shower (smoking wtf?)...but to actually witness it's overwhelming experience..some guy apparently due to love of fruits (no punani)....ate oranges and apples in the shower stalls...I can tolerate orange peels....but he actually left 1/8 of an apple to rot..wthell is wrong with these people...hmmm maybe they didnt eat it...they might have been doing "something else" with it...(go figure)...=p