Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tolerance and People

"To forgive is divine, to forget....impossible"

After 2 and a half years living in Chicago, I have seen people from all walks of life (well don't really care for the uber rich). There are people I wouldn't mind hanging out with and there are people that I would absolutely avoid.

Coming to Madison, I have made a stupid decision to look for an apartment late...well there are always lesson to be learned from tardiness. So I ended up in an awesome place (comes with a price), but unfortunately I have been paired up with one of those people that I would never even dreamed of living with.

I have always been a passive person (in terms of avoiding conflict), and this time I have to deal with all sorts of annoyance. I am a patient person, and I've come to learn that. Dealing with people is not my forte, I can only endure and bitch (which I should really stop doing). However, it is not like I did nothing, I tried my best talking to him and although I successfully abated the situation, the little nuances continue to irritate me. I often wonder if these things are just purely testing my tolerance or do I actually have to do something?

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=w+E+n= said...

Haha haven't really get to talk to you after you moved. Seems's not too good :S. But it's one year max and u get to change place right? Things should be alright. All the best to u Sam! :)