Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year's Resolution

It's been a long time, really month into the new year it's time to have my resolution written down. Things that are beneficial are never too late to do :p
The need to organize and revamp my lifestyle is almost essential, I need a template for my blog and my life otherwise consistency cannot be achieved, that's what I need.
So from now on this blog will just be about my day. Ja ikimashou!!

I woke up and turned on my laptop while browsing some useless videos, cooked rice, eggs. Went to take a shower, shaved a little, ate, and took interval naps of 5 mins.

Thought: Should have just practiced piano and ate. Waking up too early is useless if I just sit in front of my laptop.

Went to class, got a sandwich, went to piano class.

Thought: Sleepy in my NeuroSci class, dammit nicotine withdrawal!! Yeah need more concentration, and study anatomy more. Where the nerves cross, where to projections go etc.......feel left out; not good; need to study!!! Piano class was almost a reset, oh well I need it!

Came to lab, talked to Marcelo, got P1, dick around online again, talked to James about genotyping. Made NaOH buffer, Tris buffer took reallllly long to get to pH 5 (in 100 mL of tris 8.1, use 5 mL of concentrated HCl and then use 3 N HCl to slowly get there! lol) Cut tails to use a little bit. Wasted more time on laptop -.- Ok ........made reactions, then proceed to PCR.

Thought: What waste of time, need to fit in some reading in between waiting. Again write down what is needed for the experiment before hand, make sure everything is ready before doing it. Planning will save me a lot of time. Spin down the tissues before cooking to make sure they will dissolve!! Maybe have a timeline!

Heh that's about it, pretty boring IMHO but this will help me with my failing memory, and BTW 3rd day w/o smoking fuck yeah!!!

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