Sunday, April 18, 2010


Going to graduate school is probably the best decision
I have ever made in my life, it gave me a chance to
reset my life......becoming a baby again.

I had to learn to crawl, to stand, walk, run,...
Eventually I will fly!

The past two semesters have taught me so much about life
that I had ever learnt. I've done things that I never imagined
I would do, and went through dramas that I've only seen on well...dramas XD
I had to relearn everything in my new lab and everyday had been so much fun!
I joined a dance performance team last semester and performed in front of a
large crowd! :))

And finally today I had my first ever recital! To have 20 pairs of eyes focusing on you is awesome! The attention you get combined with the emotional elevation as the sounds of clapping hands filled the concert hall is amazing!

I'm an attention whore!

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